SansoPay Global Transfer, Global Reach

Send Money Online & Save Time

Use SansoPay Account to transfer & receive money globally, even if your recipient doesn’t have a SansoPay account.

Need a safe way to send money to someone you don’t know? We can help. Use our SansoPay platform.

See Three easy ways to Transfer or receive Money Globally

SansoPay to SansoPay

SansoPay to bank

SansoPay to bank

SansoPay QuickPay

Need a friend to pay you back? Collecting rent from the roomies? Or need to get paid for your services as a Freelancer? Settle up with SansoPay. Your money goes right into your account. It can be ready when you need it.

Get paid in a snap

Receive money from friends and family directly through your personal profile.

SansoPay Quickpay

How does it work?

  • QuickPay

    QuickPay - Create a payment link

    Send a payment request, attach or create your own invoice, and track until payment arrives.

  • Share

    Share the link with anyone

    You can send this to your client via WhatsApp, email, SMS, and more.

  • Paid

    Get paid with no hassle

    Your client just has to enter their Card details to complete the payment.

  • Completed

    Reach Countless Business Worldwide

    Your clients can be based in 130+ different countries. SansoPay is for You

Withdraw Payments To Your Bank Account

Whichever currency your clients or marketplaces pay you in, you'll receive your earnings in your currency. SansoPay support withdrawals to Bank account in over 130+ countries.

SansoPay Withdrawals

In-Chat Payment

Send & Receive money while you are chatting whenever you want & wherever you are.

Simple Setup For Faster Transfer

Add your bank account just once to send & receive money.


Buy Tickets through SansoPay

Now you can manage all your bookings right from the SansoPay. You can book

Bus. Airline. Movie.

Concert. Metro. Tourism.

Cruise Dinner. Hotel

You can book and pay right away!


SansoPay Flexible Education Payment Solution

SansoPay empowers education opportunities by enabling Institutions to seamlessly receive and securely process payments from students, anywhere in the world—at any time.

SansoPay make it easier for your Institution to accept just about any online payment. With SansoPay, they’ll be able to accept credit and debit cards, bank account transfers, SansoPay account payments, and even foreign currency payments.


SansoPay Mobile Top-up Fast, Safe & Simple

It's easy to top-up your Mobile Phone Or Some else' Phone online by SansoPay. Recharge your prepaid phone or send top-up to friends and family. We offer our SansoPay platform as a payment method to all our Call Credit products.


Pay Bills without the hassle

You can easily pay your utility bills & services bills by using SansoPay account.

If there isn’t enough in your Balance in your SansoPay account, then you'll have option to use your linked bank account or card. That’s peace of mind.

SansoPay Withdrawals